Empowering Families

PSP is leveling the playing field for Philadelphia families by providing the information they need to discover the best schools for their children. We accomplish this through GreatPhillySchools, which was established by PSP.

How does GreatPhillySchools empower families?

GreatPhillySchools (GPS) produces easy-to-use, comprehensive resources that provide families with the information they want and need to make the best educational choices for their school-aged children. More than 200,000 people use GPS each year. GPS resources and website, greatphillyschools.org, are free to use, and include:

  • Interactive website: The GPS website is available in English and Spanish and includes a wealth of information for Philadelphia families:
    • Over 400 profiles of K-12 schools, with program descriptions and performance data in key areas.
    • Over 2,000 profiles of early childhood education centers located all around the city.
    • Articles and other content explaining how to enroll in schools and how to use the various data contained on the website.
  • School directories: Annually, PSP distributes around 100,000 guides throughout the city — via schools, libraries and community-based organizations— containing all of the school profiles and other useful information for families.
  • Application workbooks: GPS creates and circulates workbooks and toolkits that help families more easily navigate the process of finding schools for their children and offer step-by-step instructions on how to submit applications.
  • Hands-on support: Annually, GPS provides trainings to community organizations and agencies to  explain how families can navigate school selection and enrollment.
  • Real-time updates: GPS sends texts and email notifications that keep families up-to-date on key deadlines and available seats in schools.
  • School fairs: Each fall, GPS hosts the Philadelphia High School Fair, where over 13,000 families and prospective high school students learn about and apply to over 100 district, charter, and private high schools. GPS also hosts an annual K-8 school fair.

GPS is continuously working to streamline the application process for families. With more than 400 different elementary and high schools in Philadelphia, families are faced with a dizzying array of application rules and timelines. In response, PSP and GPS created Apply Philly Charter -- an easy way for families to apply to Philadelphia charter schools on one website.

Investing in
Great Schools

PSP accelerates the growth of high-performing schools in Philadelphia and creates the conditions for great schools to thrive.

Developing Skilled
Urban Educators

PSP supports programs that prepare and develop teachers and leaders for the rigors of working in urban schools.