Educator and Non-profit Leader Dr. Stacy E. Holland Named as Executive Director of Philadelphia School Partnership

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On May 11, 2021, PSP's Board of Directors selected respected educator and non-profit leader Dr. Stacy E. Holland as PSP's Executive Director. Dr. Holland’s selection represents a renewed commitment by the organization to focus on the needs of children and families in Philadelphia as the city emerges from the COVID pandemic, and to work collaboratively with all stakeholders who are committed to providing high-quality educational options for children across the city. Read the release to learn more.

Our mission is to improve outcomes for low-income students and respond to the demand of families by expanding access to great schools. In pursuing our mission, we leverage our investments in three primary ways:

Investing in Great Schools

PSP accelerates the growth of high-performing schools in Philadelphia and creates the conditions for great schools to thrive.

Developing Skilled Urban Educators

PSP supports programs that prepare and develop teachers and leaders for the rigors of working in urban schools.


PSP provides Philadelphia families the information and tools needed to discover the best schools for their children.

Find out which schools PSP has helped to
create, grow and improve across Philadelphia.



PSP has invested in 68 schools of all types (public district, public charter, and private) across Philadelphia.



Since 2011, PSP has invested over $80 million in schools of all types to improve educational outcomes of children in Philadelphia



As a result of PSP’s investments, more than 27,500 students are enrolled in better schools


Annually, over 200,000 people learn about and apply to great schools through the free resources provided by GreatPhillySchools