Apply For Funding

PSP’s mission is to improve outcomes for low-income students and respond to the demand of families by expanding access to great schools. To achieve our mission, we provide grants to support the startup and growth of great schools of every type (district, charter, and private).

PSP makes four types of grants:

Incubation Grants

PSP supports development and planning for new schools, expansions of already high-achieving schools and turning around low-performing schools. For example, an incubation grant could support the drafting of a new charter school application, development of an existing school’s proposal for expansion, or early-stage planning for a turnaround school.

Startup Grants

PSP supports the launch of new schools by providing funding for costs associated with the startup of a new school such as: facility acquisition/renovation, staff hiring and training, and school supplies. Startup grants are awarded to applicants with a comprehensive plan, including details on leadership, teacher talent, curriculum, school culture, facilities, and financial projections.

Growth Grants

Growth grants support building the leadership and operational capacity of successful schools to make it possible for them to grow the number of students they serve. Growth grants are only awarded to applicants with a proven record operating high-performing schools.

Turnaround Grants

PSP invests in the turnaround of low-performing schools by talented leadership teams. Only leadership teams with previous success turning around low-performing schools or experience operating a high-quality urban school(s) are eligible to receive a turnaround grant.

What is the process for selecting grantees?

PSP conducts a rigorous selection process. The depth and breadth of the review may differ depending on the type of grant.

Proven leadership

The leader must have a track record of running a great school(s) or driving strong student achievement, which can be quantitatively demonstrated with compelling data.

Increasing access to high-quality educational opportunities

As a result of the grant, more underserved students in Philadelphia will have access to high-quality schools through the creation of new or transformed seats.

High expectations

The leader and their team are driven by the uncompromising belief that all children can learn at high levels, and the team holds itself accountable for achieving significant academic gains for every student.

Sustainable financial plan

The leadership team has a comprehensive plan for the financial viability of the school beyond the grant period. PSP’s funding is intended for one-time or limited investments to support the costs of starting a new school or growing an existing school.

How to Apply for a Grant

PSP conducts a rigorous due diligence process that takes anywhere from 4-12 weeks to complete. The process differs slightly depending on the type of grant applicants are seeking.