Big news on seniority reform in Philadelphia’s schools

Today’s paper reports that the school district took a big step toward principals having more autonomy to build their teams. What we’ve learned through investing $30 million in 28 Philadelphia schools is that ending outdated seniority policies is critical to creating great schools of all types.

Superintendent Hite said in today’s Inquirer, “The overarching focus is to ensure we are matching to the best of our ability the skills and abilities of teachers to the needs of their schools and communities.” Read more here.

We applaud Dr. Hite and the SRC for acting to ensure principals and school communities can take the steps needed to best serve their students. What’s more, this announcement comes on the heels of District principals agreeing to reform the seniority provisions in their contract as well.

We’ll continue to follow these important developments closely and to push for the conditions that make great schools possible in every neighborhood of the city.