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Pennsylvania’s charter sector needs a scalpel, not a sledgehamme

Mark Gleason is the Executive Director of Philadelphia School Partnership Thomas B. Fordham Institute – Flypaper 9.4.2019 Pennsylvania’s Democratic Governor Tom Wolf garnered headlines recently when he announced vague plans for taking funding away from the state’s public charter schools. He also described charters as benefiting from an unlevel playing field for accountability and transparency. …

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Notebook: KIPP gets $945,000 grant for expansion this fall

The Philadelphia School Partnership announced it will award $945,000 to KIPP Philadelphia for the startup of the organization’s latest school, set to open this fall in North Philadelphia. KIPP North will contain an elementary and middle school, though KIPP Philadelphia treats those as separate schools to get access to an additional $300,000 grant from the …

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Inquirer: Group wants to raise $140 million for city’s charter, parochial and public schools

The Philadelphia School Partnership, a powerful nonprofit that has raised and distributed $80 million to city charter, parochial and public schools since its inception in 2011, wants to raise $60 million more, it announced Thursday. The nonprofit (PSP), already the Philadelphia School District’s largest private funder, aims to expand its reach. Its investments have already affected …

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