Did you read this?

As lawmakers in Harrisburg enter the final days of negotiation on the state budget, we wanted to be sure you read two pieces in today’s Inquirer that articulate why we must focus on both fully funding our schools and ensuring any new funding better serves our kids.

First, public school parent Christine Carlson explains how outdated seniority reform rules have wreaked such havoc on Philadelphia schools. She calls for giving principals and parents more say over who teaches in their school: “I call it common sense. Every school has a vision, and every school should have the right to choose the best people to fulfill it.”

Coupling meaningful reforms with more funding is also politically practical. As this Inquirer column notes, key policymakers may be working on a deal that would include both work-rule changes and more money for our schools — we applaud that effort.

The next few days will be critical for Philadelphia schools. We will continue to share what we know from investing in nearly two dozen high-performing schools of all types: For every child in Philadelphia to receive a great education, all schools need adequate resources and policies that will ensure the best teachers in every classroom.