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and Increase Access

Investors (donors) in PSP seek citywide impact. In a city of 240,000 schoolchildren, they understand that no one school or program can be the answer. We must proliferate great schools of all different types and ensure the conditions are present that enable them to thrive.

PSP’s Great Schools Fund II brings donors together, pooling their investments and deploying them in the form of philanthropic venture grants. These grants support entrepreneurial school leaders and organizations in the creation and growth of a variety of high-achieving urban schools. They also support PSP’s savvy investment teams, made up of experienced education leaders who complete thorough and rigorous due diligence on all of the Fund’s investments.

Between 2011 and 2016

PSP raised over $80 million in Great Schools Fund I from nearly 135 investors. The first Fund invested in more than 50 schools across the city of Philadelphia, creating access to better educational opportunity for more than 24,000 students each year.

In 2017

PSP launched Great Schools Fund II, with a $60 million fundraising goal. This new fund supports Fund I portfolio schools in continuing to raise their performance and aims to create 12,000 to 15,000 more seats in high-achieving schools.

Ready to find out more?

To learn more about the impact of PSP’s investments in schools, educator training and development, and parent empowerment, or to join us for a visit to one of our portfolio schools, please contact Executive Director Mark Gleason or Senior Director of External Affairs Marlah Bonner-McDuffie at 484-785-8111 or by email.

All donations to PSP are tax-deductible.

To donate by check, mail to:
Philadelphia School Partnership
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Suite 1200
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