Dozens apply to open new charter schools in Philly

Yesterday we learned that the School District received 40 applications for new charter schools – the first time the District has accepted applications in seven years.

As Mark Gleason said in today’s Inquirer, “The opportunity to create effective new charter schools is great news for low-income and minority families in Philadelphia.” Read our full statement here.

This news comes on the heels of hundreds of families rallying last week for new quality charter schools.

The SRC now faces some tough decisions about how to spend its limited resources. But, last year the District spent $140 million+ on schools that fail to meet students’ most basic needs by any measure; we hope the SRC will invest in what’s working for kids and families. We also hope to invest in several of the new charter schools if they are approved to open next year. Please contact us to get involved.

P.S. Ever wonder how much we spend statewide on failing schools? Or how a successful high school in North Philly is spending money more effectively? Find out by reading Mark Gleason’s testimony to the statewide Basic Education Funding Commission today.