In today’s Inquirer, a must read op-ed

In today’s Inquirer, two civic leaders co-authored a great op-ed about the need to change the local dialogue around charter schools. Read it here.

Sharmain Matlock-Turner and Michael Pearson write about a recently released study showing that urban charter schools in Philadelphia have increased educational opportunity for our city’s most disadvantaged students.

We agree: it is critical to act on this research and invest resources according to what works – and end the needless education debates over school type.

As they conclude: “Charters are clearly not a failed experiment, nor are they a silver bullet. They are a powerful asset in the urgent effort to provide educational equity for disadvantaged students – especially when there is a focus on expanding enrollment in the best charters and closing those that underperform.”

Regardless of type, Philadelphia needs more schools that provide an effective education for low-income students. To date, we’ve invested more than $35 million in district, charter and private schools because great leaders and educators are doing outstanding work in every sector. Please contact us to learn more or get involved.

PS. Learn more about Stanford’s CREDO study on charter schools in this story from WHYY.