Position paper calls for closure of low-performing charters

This morning our sister advocacy organization, Philadelphia School Advocacy Partners (PSAP), released a policy brief calling for stronger charter school governance in Philadelphia. The paper makes several recommendations including the closure or transformation of low-performing charters coupled with the expansion of high-performing schools. You can read about it in today’s Inquirer.

Specifically, the paper endorses PA Senate Bill 6, which would create a statewide Achievement School District and is the only piece of currently proposed legislation that would expedite the lengthy process of addressing low-performing charter schools. In addition, the paper calls on the SRC to expand access to high-quality charter schools as they prepare for another round of new charter applications this fall. You can read the full paper here.

In short, we believe that while closing schools is incredibly difficult for families and educators, it is a necessary step toward ensuring a great education for every child in Philadelphia. Most importantly, school closure must always be coupled with the creation of high-quality alternatives for families.

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