Progress in the face of obstacles

Despite the enormous challenges of a budget crisis that can feel all-consuming, many transformative school leaders and teachers find a way to enable their kids to succeed.

  • Yesterday, 498 seniors from five high schools announced their post-graduation plans at Mastery Charter School’s second annual College Signing Day. Graduates will enroll in 98 institutes of higher education next year, and many of these graduates likely would not have succeeded without the opportunity to attend a high-quality school like Mastery. Read the inspiring story in today’s Daily News.
  • This morning,WHYY reported on the turnaround of Kenderton Elementary in North Philadelphia. According to Kenderton parent Shereda Cromwell, at first “we didn’t want [the school’s transition to a Renaissance school] to happen, no, no, no.” But since then, she witnessed a vast shift in school culture. “Just to walk into a school and not have kids in the hall, just running around the hall, and staff just staring at them, nobody saying anything, was a big difference for us.”

We are proud to invest in Mastery, Scholar Academies and dozens of schools and neighborhoods across Philadelphia who are working to prepare kids for college and meaningful careers. As always, please contact us to help.