PSP Statement on Applications for New Charter Schools

An analysis of the newest Pennsylvania School Performance Profile (SPP) shows that high-quSPP Performance 80EDality charters that primarily serve economically disadvantaged students (>80%) are massively outperforming traditional public schools serving the same population. Out of 194 schools in Philadelphia with student bodies that are more than 80% economically disadvantaged, only 17 earned an SPP of at least 70, the state’s guideline for a school “on the right track.” Click to view the complete list

More than 40,000 students are on waitlists at public charter schools in Philadelphia. For example, approximately 1,600 students are on KIPP Philadelphia’s waitlist.

PSP Executive Director Mark Gleason issued the following statement in response to the SRC releasing the list of new charter school applicants:

“The opportunity to create effective new charter schools is great news for low-income and minority families in Philadelphia.

“As the SRC faces tough decisions about how to spend its limited resources in the coming months, I hope the debate will center on what is working for kids and families. We should consider that last year the District spent about $140 million to operate schools that by any measure fail to meet students’ needs (<40 on the PA School Performance Profile).

“As the most recent SPP data show, many of the high-quality charter schools applying are doing a much better job than other public schools in educating our city’s poorest students. By allowing these schools to replicate and expand, the SRC can give more students across the city the opportunity to attend an effective school.”

See the fact sheet for more information.

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