K-8 School Quality, Choice
& Access in Philadelphia

Philadelphia public (charter and district) schools have made steady if modest progress in improving school quality over the last few years. The city has increased the number of students enrolled in high-achieving schools and decreased the number of students in low-achieving schools. While this progress is encouraging, stubborn inequity remains. “School Quality, Choice & Access in Philadelphia,” produced with publicly available data by the Philadelphia School Partnership, finds that access to high-achieving schools varies widely by a student’s zip code, income and race. As the city and its schools seek to further tear down systemic barriers to educational equity, this report aims to provide residents, communities and policy makers with basic information about school quality, choice and access in every region of Philadelphia. You can read or download the full report, and you can use the interactive map to zero in on particular regions.

We recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all definition of school quality. We hope this report fosters community-level conversations about schools and enrollment policies, and how well they are meeting the needs of those communities.

Please note that all data in this report come from the years 2016-17 through 2018-19.