Speaker Turzai: "This is about the kids."

In today’s Philadelphia Inquirer, Pennsylvania House Speaker Mike Turzai penned a powerful op-ed calling on the SRC to immediately approve all high-quality applicants for new charter schools.

The facts could not be clearer. Tens of thousands of children linger on charter school waitlists, forced to attend schools that fail to meet their needs. And some of Philadelphia’s best charter schools — which vastly outperform the District when it comes to serving low-income and minority students — are eager to give those children a better option.

By simply voting to approve those schools, the SRC can instantly transform the lives of thousands of Philadelphia’s students. To get involved in our effort to ensure every child in every neighborhood can attend a great school, please contact us.

P.S. Read this op-ed from Philadelphia School Advocacy Partners board member Tom Caramanico about how new charter schools would be great for our city.