SRC votes to approve three new charters

We have some great news: Last night, the SRC voted to approve three new charter schools – Esperanza, KIPP and Russell Byers (all PSP grantees) – giving 2,000 more families the opportunity for a high-quality education.
The latest votes also underscore the importance of our continued fight to put quality schools above political interests. The SRC denied nine other charter applicants, including several schools with a strong track record of serving low-income and minority students. With more than 20,000 students on waitlists for quality charter and magnet schools – including  8,000 families turned away at just one lottery last night – the SRC could have gone further toward addressing enormous inequity in our schools.
Also last night, the PA Supreme Court made a significant ruling: the SRC does not have legal authority to suspend state law. This upends many of the SRC’s actions in recent years, including imposing enrollment caps on charter schools and eliminating seniority in district schools. We will keep you posted on the implications of this decision.
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