Statement on Pennsylvania Budget

The following joint statement comes from Philadelphia School Advocacy Partners Executive Director Mike Wang and Philadelphia School Partnership Executive Director Mark Gleason in response to the budget that was sent to Governor Wolf yesterday:

“We join schools and others across the Commonwealth in urging Governor Wolf to sign the budget the legislature sent him yesterday. Schools in Philadelphia and across Pennsylvania need a budget that funds education now, not later. Right now schools are focused on paying basic expenses so they can stay open this year; there is not enough time to spend a large funding increase before summer vacation. Additionally, budget uncertainty is hindering schools’ ability to budget for next year, as well as interview and hire new teachers and staff.

“The Governor is correct that there is more work to do, on both sides of the aisle. We urge the Governor to sign this budget and then immediately get to work with the legislature on a 2016-17 budget, on adopting a bipartisan fair funding formula and on real accountability that will ensure the dollars improve outcomes for children in the most struggling schools.  Students and schools can’t afford to lose any more days to uncertainty.”