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New report details disparities among public schools in Philadelphia

A new report released today by Philadelphia School Advocacy Partners (a partner organization to PSP) uses newly released data to shed light on wide disparities in the performance of public schools in our city. Among other findings, the report shows that despite serving similar student populations, some schools are three times more likely to prepare students to read and do …

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Daily News: Philly magnet school gets grant to expand

By Solomon Leach, Daily News Staff Writer ONE OF THE city’s top magnet high schools has been awarded a grant to expand next September. George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science, which serves 750 students, will receive $147,000 from the Philadelphia School Partnership to add seventh and eighth grades, officials said. The new …

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Progress in the face of obstacles

Despite the enormous challenges of a budget crisis that can feel all-consuming, many transformative school leaders and teachers find a way to enable their kids to succeed. Yesterday, 498 seniors from five high schools announced their post-graduation plans at Mastery Charter School’s second annual College Signing Day. Graduates will enroll in 98 institutes of higher …

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Daily News: 3 ‘innovative’ high schools coming to N. Phila.

Despite unprecedented financial challenges, the Philadelphia School District is opening three new high schools in North Philadelphia in September as it seeks to redefine urban secondary education.

The schools, described by the district as "small schools of choice," are expected to add a grade each year and eventually to enroll between 475 and 600 students. The nonselective schools will draw half their enrollments from surrounding neighborhoods; the other half will be open to students citywide.

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Daily News op-ed: Schools – Why the runaround on turnarounds?

Amid extensive coverage of the very real challenges facing our public schools, we shouldn't lose sight of what's actually working. Right now, outstanding educators are working closely with families of all backgrounds to transform Philadelphia's lowest performing schools into some of the best schools in the city. Yet, not enough people are talking about Renaissance schools.

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Daily News Editorial: District must fix teacher policies

Contentious contract negotiations, like those involving the School District and the teachers’ union, are usually at heart a battle of narratives – between management, which is often in financial crisis, and labor, whose narrative is about protecting beleaguered workers from being exploited. They are rarely a celebration of hard data and facts about hiring, compensation …

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