Mastery Charter Schools

Daily News op-ed: Schools – Why the runaround on turnarounds?

Amid extensive coverage of the very real challenges facing our public schools, we shouldn't lose sight of what's actually working. Right now, outstanding educators are working closely with families of all backgrounds to transform Philadelphia's lowest performing schools into some of the best schools in the city. Yet, not enough people are talking about Renaissance schools.

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Phila. school group plans $4.7M in grants

The Philadelphia School Partnership will announce Thursday grants totaling $4.7 million to help high-performing charter schools expand and a nonprofit develop a new high school with the School District.

"What is exciting about this [funding] round is that it shows the many different ways that the fund is available to invest in expanding access to great schools," Mark Gleason, the partnership's executive director, said Wednesday.

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Investing nearly $5 million in ten schools

Today we announced the Great Schools Fund will invest $4.7 million in high-quality Philadelphia schools so they can serve 2,000 additional students. As PSP executive director Mark Gleason says in today’s Inquirer: “What is exciting about this [funding] round is that it shows the many different ways that the fund is available to invest in …

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PSP invests $4.7 million in the expansion of high-quality schools

Grants from Great Schools Fund will create seats for 2,000 more Philadelphia students to attend high-quality schools The Philadelphia School Partnership (PSP) today announced it will invest $4.7 million in grants from its Great Schools Fund to support the incubation and growth of high-performing K-12 public and private schools in Philadelphia. To date, the Fund …

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Philadelphia Inquirer: Three charter-school firms in Philadelphia to share $2.4 million grant

The Philadelphia School Partnership is celebrating its first anniversary by announcing $2.4 million in grants to three local charter-school operators that have taken over failing city schools.

The three organizations - Mastery Charter Schools, Aspira Inc. of Pennsylvania, and Universal Cos. Inc. - were awarded grants based on academic gains their initial turnaround schools made during the 2010-11 academic year.

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