In today’s Inquirer, a must read op-ed

In today’s Inquirer, two civic leaders co-authored a great op-ed about the need to change the local dialogue around charter schools. Read it here.Sharmain Matlock-Turner and Michael Pearson write about a recently released study showing that urban charter schools in Philadelphia have increased educational opportunity for our city’s most disadvantaged students.We agree: it is critical to act on …

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Speaker Turzai: "This is about the kids."

In today’s Philadelphia Inquirer, Pennsylvania House Speaker Mike Turzai penned a powerful op-ed calling on the SRC to immediately approve all high-quality applicants for new charter schools.The facts could not be clearer. Tens of thousands of children linger on charter school waitlists, forced to attend schools that fail to meet their needs. And some of Philadelphia’s best …

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New report details disparities among public schools in Philadelphia

A new report released today by Philadelphia School Advocacy Partners (a partner organization to PSP) uses newly released data to shed light on wide disparities in the performance of public schools in our city. Among other findings, the report shows that despite serving similar student populations, some schools are three times more likely to prepare students to read and do …

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