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DePaul Catholic shows strong results in first year using blended learning

The story of the DePaul Catholic School once mirrored that of urban Catholic schools nationally. Over the course of fifty years, DePaul, located in Germantown, faced declines in enrollment, faculty, programs, and test scores. In 2001, DePaul Catholic was under-enrolled at 200 students with no enrichment classes and few student supports. The school routinely performed in the 20th and 30th …

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Philadelphia Inquirer: On-the-job training program for Phila. principals to announce first group

Who wants to be a principal in Philadelphia?

Plenty of people, apparently - even amid a backdrop of budget cuts, school closings, and tough contract negotiations.

A new, on-the-job training program for Philadelphia public, charter, and parochial school leaders has selected its first crop of "transformational" principals, and is scheduled to be formally announced Friday.

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