Two-pronged attack on teachers’ seniority planned

Seniority for public school teachers is in the crosshairs in Philadelphia and soon will be a target across Pennsylvania.

Frustrated by the slow pace of negotiations for a new contract for Philadelphia teachers, a coalition of education and parents' groups says it will call on the School Reform Commission Monday to immediately pull seniority off the bargaining table and give Superintendent William R. Hite Jr. a free hand in assigning staff.

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Parents and School Reform Groups Urge SRC to Implement Work Reforms on seniority and Staffing Now

Today, public-school parents and education reform groups today called on the School Reform Commission (SRC) to use its existing authority to implement policies that put student needs ahead of employee seniority when it comes to hiring, assigning and compensating teachers. Parents and advocates alike urged the SRC to end the negotiation stalemate by using its …

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Our Response to Action United and PFT Attacks

Misguided and inaccurate attacks simply waste time and money, and do nothing to solve the problem. Our children are waiting, and they deserve better. Action United and its supporters at the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers are spending tens of thousands of dollars to divert the public’s attention away from the real issues at the center …

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School opens for some Philadelphia students

Despite heated rhetoric and daily news coverage of the challenges facing many Philadelphia schools this fall, some students have already returned to school and are working to achieve high-quality academic results.  Here’s great coverage of the opening of three schools in our investment portfolio: KIPP Elementary School returns for new school year, Fox29 Students walk …

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