Sam Davidson

I found my passion for supporting education by accident. After graduating college with a biology degree I was contemplating medical school, but wanted to take some time between undergraduate and graduate school. During this “gap”, I moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma while my wife was a Teach of America corps member. I took a job at the school district as a data analyst, with the intention of studying for the medical entrance exam in the evenings. I quickly realized I was more interested in learning about educational analytics than chemistry or physics and I understood that my pursuit of medicine stemmed from my desire to support communities that had been systematically marginalized for generations. Through this belief, I continued to learn more about how I could support educators in their work.

After three years of working in various roles at Tulsa Public Schools, my wife and I moved to Philadelphia in 2017 and I joined Philadelphia School Partnership in a data analyst role. For four years, I had the pleasure to support each team at PSP to ensure our data was consistent and being used as a tool to support schools, teachers, and families. In 2021, I became the Director of Development, allowing me to further share my passion for supporting urban education. In this role, I connect the impactful work PSP does with the partners that make it possible.