Tara Doll

Born and raised in Philadelphia, I was aware of the lack of quality schools that exist in this city. My parents opted to reside in a specific area of the city in order to send my three siblings and I to a Catholic K-8 school after charter lotteries were not in our favor. Once it was time to search for high schools, my mother broke the news to me that the financial burden was too great to continue my Catholic education. After the waterworks subsided and a few months passed, I was chosen in the lottery for New Foundations Charter High School – a saving grace for my parents, as my younger siblings would now be able to attend as well with sibling preference. 

Attending the public charter high school had a tremendous impact on my life because I had the opportunity to share a classroom with people of different races and beliefs. After graduating from New Foundations, I earned a Journalism degree from Temple University and landed an internship at Philadelphia School Partnership. I transitioned to a Social Media Consultant role, and now serve as the Family Support Coordinator for the Access Initiatives Team. This organization has allowed me to combine my communication and design skills into something meaningful that aims to create real change.