Technically Philly: These high schoolers scanned Mayor Kenney and then 3D-printed him

Kudos to the high schoolers at MaST Community Charter School for the realistic reproduction. 

Mayor Kenney is upfront about not being tech savvy. But he’s certainly down to learn.

Case in point: He let the high schoolers at the Northeast’s MaST Community Charter School scan him and 3D-print him at the school’s makerspace last June.

We spotted the 3D-printed version of Kenney when we were leaving Mayor Kenney’s office last week (we were talking to him about open data, story to come). It was sitting on the desk of Mikecia Witherspoon, who’s Kenney’s special assistant. It reminded us of the 3D-printed version of our dear editor’s head.

All 425 students at MaST take classes at the school’s makerspace, said MaST CEO John Swoyer. They teach product design, engineering, robotics and game design.

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