Developing Skilled Urban Educators

Every great school starts with talented leaders and teachers who hold the belief that all children can learn. PSP invests in programs focused on preparing and developing teachers and leaders for the rigors of working in urban schools.


PSP awards grants that enable the planning and design of educator talent-development programs and supports their implementation. Over time, the programs must be able to achieve sustainability with a mix of tuition revenue and other sources of philanthropy. Program types that PSP has supported include those aimed at preservice, new and current teachers and school leaders.


All of the talent programs supported by PSP are products of partnerships: between PSP, Philadelphia educators and educational organizations and institutions. Philadelphia educators from every school type (district, charter, and private) have provided input on the designs for each program. The programs are typically led by either nonprofit organizations (e.g., PhillyPLUS), higher-education institutions (e.g., Drexel University) or local school operators (e.g., KIPP Philadelphia).


Our strategy is to support the creation of many coordinated programs that can help meet the educator training and development needs of Philadelphia schools. Over 350 teachers and school leaders have participated in PSP-funded talent programs, benefiting three out of five schools in Philadelphia.

PSP also runs, a collaborative effort among Philadelphia schools with the aims of attracting great teachers to city schools of all types, supporting educators in their career development and fostering a dynamic environment for educators.

Investing in
Great Schools

PSP is increasing the number of high-performing schools in the city, and creating the conditions for great schools to thrive.


PSP is leveling the playing field for Philadelphia families by providing the information needed to discover the best schools for their children.